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    The retail industry's logistics revolution

    Ecommerce is a catalyst driving change in the retail industry. Retailers are redesigning their omnichannel customer experiences accordingly. In-store experiences must compete with the breadth of options available online. Our research and experience mean we can respond to the ever-changing obstacles that retailers face:

    • The real time nature of retail inventories means time is critical and visibility is key.
    • Shifting demand and fluctuating volumes bring unpredictability to retail supply chains.

    Your business needs technology, information, visibility, and speed to overcome these conditions. From implementing a retail consolidation program, to optimizing your returns process, our retail logistics experts harness the knowledge of our entire global network to cultivate retail supply chains everywhere.

    U.S. B2B ecommerce is expected to reach $1.1 Trillion in size by 2020*

    Rob Kinsella?

    Meet one of our retail experts

    After 12 years in the industry, Rob understands how critical a well-managed supply chain is to retailer success. His long-lasting relationships are built on a foundation of operational excellence, innovation, and trust.

    Rob's dedication to continuously improving supply chains means he's worked with several global retailers over the years. And he puts that experience to good use helping customers raise the bar in terms of performance metrics.

    What can an expert like Rob do for you?

    What's trending in retail logistics?

    A Supply Chain Disruptor or Retail Opportunity?

    As technology continues to evolve, consumer behaviors and expectations will continue to change to take advantage of emerging technologies.

    We see retail products differently

    From fresh produce to the latest fashions, our unique supply chain perspective helps us move your products.

    Reverse logistics takes center stage

    Our Black Friday blog post series has some great advice to prepare for retail returns—no matter the season.