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    Hear from Industry Leading Shippers

    Learn how we helped our customers solve their challenges, and are now using their supply chain as a competitive advantage within the market.

    A.I Pricing Tool Creates Better Outcomes for Anheuser–Busch

    We created an AI assisted pricing tool, a direct digital connection between C.H. Robinson and Anheuser–Busch, that prices and accepts thousands of shipments in less than a few seconds without human interaction.

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    New Era Delivers Globally for Sports' Biggest Moments

    Using technology that is built by and for supply chain experts, see how New Era obtained the visibility it needed from the time a purchase order is issued to the time the product gets to the end consumer.

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    An industry leader leverages managed procurement services

    With foresight, initiative, and resourcefulness, Bloomin’ Brands, Inc., worked with C.H. Robinson to tackle foodservice supply chain challenges.

    What is it Like to Work With C.H. Robinson video thumbnail

    What is it like to work with C.H. Robinson?

    Listen to the experiences of Troy Bunker, Director of Sourcing and Logistics at Larson Manufacturing.

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    Why work with C.H. Robinson

    Here is the story, according to Kent Runksmeier, Global Logistics Manager at Vision-Ease Lens.

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    What Global Companies Say about Working with TMC

    TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson, works with global companies to progress supply chains. Clients discuss how TMC’s expertise and technology allow them to focus on strategy and achieve goals.

    Global Suite of Supply Chain and Freight Services

    Work with a global 3PL that can reliably meet all of your logistic and supply chain needs today and in the future.

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    Why Use Freight Consolidation?

    When freight extends beyond traditional truckload, we investigate options within our global network of resources—one of the largest in the industry. We're ready and determined to execute a plan for you.

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    PPE supply chain video series - Volume 1

    Watch Vincent Wong, director air freight, Asia at C.H. Robinson, in this quick video highlighting what you need to know to avoid some common, yet costly mistakes when importing PPE from China.

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    Improve your Global Logistics & Supply Chain

    It’s your job to make products your customers love. It’s our job to connect the world’s supply chains—ground, rail, ocean, air, and customs. With our local, yet global approach, we are where you need us most to help build confidence in your global supply chain.

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    South America Logistics

    Did you know, you can work with one company for all your international and domestic transportation needs in South America? From land transportation, ocean, and air service to customs brokerage, trade compliance, and vendor management, C.H. Robinson offers it all. Discover more about our solutions in South America and the benefits of our proprietary technology platform, Navisphere.

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    Temperature Controlled Shipping Services

    You have an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the moving temperature sensitive freight. Benefit from best in class process, industry leading people and a Navisphere global technology platform supported by a large network of temperature controlled carriers.

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    U.S./Mexico Cross Border Freight Services

    Whether your business is inside Mexico or crosses the U.S./Mexico border, logistics experts can help you turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage. Find out how our visibility, logistics expertise, and commitment can contribute to your success.

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    What is Managed TMS

    Managed TMS is emerging as a leading option for shippers as they evaluate transportation management strategies. Find out how Managed TMS is helping the world's best known brands achieve cost savings.

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    Why Choose Air Freight Consolidation

    Speed to market for your global supply chain can help keep your business competitive. Air consolidation service is one way to balance delivery time and cost, for an effective, efficient global logistics strategy.

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    Asia Freight Forwarding and Global Logistics

    For today's supply chain, you need a flexible solution designed to meet your unique requirements. You can get that flexibility by leveraging C.H. Robinson's network of Asia Pacific freight services.

    We are one of the world’s largest logistics platforms

    We solve problems from companies across the global and across industries, from the simplest freight solution to the most complex supply chain challenge.

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    A Unique Perspective into the Global Supply Chain

    Global logistics management is a many-faceted venture that differs by industry. Learn how C.H. Robinson’s expertise can move any type of supply chain—from fresh produce to the latest fashions—around the world.

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    Accelerate Your Advantage with C.H. Robinson

    Today’s market is a global one, requiring shippers to use complex processes to optimize their supply chains. Oftentimes, shippers need expertise to help them achieve this. Learn how C.H. Robinson can help businesses accelerate their advantage.

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    Navisphere Technology Platform

    C.H. Robinson’s powerful Navisphere technology platform gives you the flexible, efficient, and integrated technology solutions you need to bring all aspects of your supply chain together.

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    Navisphere Vision

    Discover Navisphere® Vision, the next generation of supply chain visibility. Real-time updates and predictive analytics let you see more of your supply chain, know more about the events that can impact it, and do more to help ensure that your products are efficiently delivered into your customers’ hands. Navisphere Vision is helping all kinds of global companies—like Microsoft—exceed their customers’ expectations. Learn how the ultimate solution for supply chain visibility and analytics can help you do the same.

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    Supply Chain Insights: Truckload Trends, Digital Evolution, Talent Management

    Listen in as “Talking Logistics” host and Adelante SCM president Adrian Gonzalez interviews C.H. Robinson team members on topics ranging from managing members of your supply chain to digital trends shaping the future of transportation.

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    What is Supply Chain Innovation?

    At C.H.Robinson, innovation is about creating intuitive solutions that fit your business and help you work smarter not harder. Solutions informed by process, and powered by people. Today, innovation means more than simply taking a small step forward. It means having vision, and delivering distinctive value. It means making your business better in ways you never imagined.